Tanya Robinson


A little about me. My makeup beauty journey began behind the Fashion Fair cosmetics counter after attending the University of Delaware majoring in Sociology and Minoring in Spanish. After college I first became a licensed Realtor for 2 years and then I started a job in retail which led to a job in cosmetics which led to a long lasting Freelance Makeup Career.
Truly one door has led to another. While working my counter event at Fashion Fair, the National Makeup Artist noticed my work and complimented me on my artistry.

Around this same time I became a member of a “Girl Group” with 5 members. Being in this Girl Group changed my life! IMANI went on to appear and win 5 times on Star Search, win the Semi-Finals and compete in the Finals. We didn’t win the finals but, this launched our College Tour Circuit life and me being able to quit my job and begin my Freelance Makeup Career.
So here begins the hustle and juggle.

When Imani wasn’t touring throughout the country, I was freelancing with Fashion Fair, Lancome, Calvin Klein Fragrances and teaching at the famed John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center. So I was honing my makeup artistry skills because I had lots of faces to work with.

At the modeling school I taught makeup, skin care, hair care and runway classes. The students had 3 photo shoots and I prepared them for all aspects of the shoot: makeup, hair, fashion styling and photographic posing. At this point I began working with the Casablanca photographers for various fashion shoots, head shots and weddings. So this was my busy makeup freelance and singing performance life.
For 13 years I was on the move, hitting the stage and beating faces and after the group retired I was at another threshold: where do I go next? After a short examination it was clear, continuing to work as a freelance makeup artist. I continued with Lancome, Fashion Fair and Clarins cosmetics and my work in Televsion Production began to expand as well.

I went from lots of cosmetic department store work such as The Resident Makeup Artist for Lancome at Macy’s Philadelphia to a Regional Account Coordinator for Clarins Cosmetics to Lots of Television Production work with WHYY PBS and Comcast Network.
I began work with WHYY during my Girl Group days and it was only a couple of dates per year to working every Membership Fundraiser and 2 TV shows: You Oughta Know and Check Please Philly. I also worked several seasons on the Food Network’s show, Big Daddy’s House.

For Comcast I worked as the Key Makeup Artist for the Your Mornings Show on the CN8 Network and later for Comcast Newsmakers taped regional segments for Politicians and leaders of Nonprofit Organizations in the Philadelphia Metro Area, North and South New Jersey and Delaware.
Over all these years I also worked on several magazine fashion and bridal layouts for fashion designers. Each year I provide makeup services for several brides & weddings and have worked for various TV productions and worked with many A list and local Celebrities. I have continued to hustle and juggle, living the full life of a busy freelance makeup artist.
Over the years I have often been asked to hold classes, teach one-on-one and to “Come Home With” my Clients. I usually respond with, I’ll see you tomorrow at 6am and I’m going to become the Makeup Santa where I will do go around the world every morning doing everyone’s makeup. So now it’s a throwback to my days at Casablancas but, this time I will be coming to you Virtually as I roll out my Makeup Classes.

So makeup is my life and I will continue to strengthen my brand and bring you Makeup Educational classes. I also have a love of real estate and recently I obtained my Construction Management Certification from Temple University Fox School of Business to work and invest in construction rehabs, and new construction. My new hobby.
So that’s my career in a nutshell but my biggest greatest accomplishments are being a Believer, being a wife and mother. I saved the very best for last but, God and Family make my life complete, the foundation and base of who and I’m and why I do what I do. I appreciate all things beautiful and I’m always amazed at God’s creations and thankful that He has blessed me to be able to work and thrive in my passions.
Always feeling blessed!